Virgo (sampler)

by Virgo

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Dylan Kivinen
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Dylan Kivinen The tightest thing to come out of GR ever, love my bbys <3 Favorite track: an apology.
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Guitars/vocals/bass/producing: Ben
Drums: Zac
Vocals: Maddy

Thanks for listening. Full album coming soon.


released July 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Virgo Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: let's just be friends
i couldn't wait
i couldn't wait anymore
for you

we've been throwing shy words across the hall
hoping for meaning 'cause you're all i saw
we've been playing a game, waiting for someone to act
from the flushed cheeks to longing looks

and the worst part about it is I don't know how you feel
this could ruin me
i don't wanna lose what we have
i don't wanna cry again
it's perfect in my head

i take you somewhere nice
the place we met
i ask you and you say yes
both relieved
the feelings were mutual
breathless happy together

well the mind's idealistic
cause last night I took her out
watched her silhouette against the stars
watched it fall on my shoulder

and among cold breeze and red cheeks
i whispered in her ear
and told her she's the reason
i smile each day
and told her when my legs bled
she was the only relief
and my heart beat
and i looked in her eyes
and i asked her to be with me
and she said we should just be friends
Track Name: being a pisces
nothin' really here for me
tried so hard, couldn't see
edges black. pipe dream.

and the weight of my head
pulling me down. down.
and the wells in my eyes
alone when i cry, cry.

why lie? why lie.

how are you doing
i'm doing fine

we're naturally selfish
and i'm no exception
you left me again
and again and again
and i understand

why lie? why lie.
Track Name: secrets
that you always keep
close to heart

secrets kept from me
a fake smile

i always try to be what you need
i reached for your hand and you walked away

tearing us apart
walk away with my heart

tearing us apart
bruised. beaten. forgotten.

so try
try to hold on

because i'm starting to lose grip
and the trust is almost gone
and i can't stop loving you
but i really need to

try to hold on.
we had love once.
try. try. try.
Track Name: an apology
lately things are changing
more friends
and high out of my mind half the time
yea, it's what i wanted
four years ago all i ever needed
but last night i went too far
i'm sorry for what i said
hit me in the head, tell my i'm sick
i'm sorry again and again
it was all a bad trip... a bad trip.

a washed up feeling
an empty feeling
Track Name: suicide note
it's over
calm before giving up.

something before I die.
because I know what it's like
to be alone.
ninety degrees of throat.
"i slipped"
on a rose buds black kiss

there's a wish to be less numb
and a hand and a gun.
a secret
a conflict

i'm walking against the current
blow my head open